Tersus Niteo launches new website

Tersus Niteo launches new website

Browse our new range of Eco-Conscious cleaning products that has taken the electronics refurbishment market by storm and place your orders for immediate delivery.

Add pounds to the resale value of your refurbished electronic equipment by using the Tersus Niteo ‘Tech Range’ of cleaning products.Whether your equipment has been defaced by permanent marker or spray paint, covered with sticky labels or residues, coated with years of dust and grime or simply lost its ‘new look’ shine, Tersus Niteo branded products will restore the showroom appearance and enhance the saleability of your electronic goods. See our product pages for examples of the results that can be achieved and read our customer testimonials to find out why Tersus Niteo technical cleaning products are setting a new standard of excellence in the electronics refurbishment market.’

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