• D&J Henry Ltd have been repairing and refurbishing electrical items since 1979, we have been using the Graffiti Prokleen, Shine Rejuvinator, Pro-Multikleen and Eco-Removit since October 2014.  All products work very well but our favourite is the Eco-Removit. It is the best product at removing sticky marks, labels, tape etc. that we have ever come across. We would recommend it to any company who needs something to safely remove sticky marks without damaging high value goods.

    David HenryManaging Director D&J Henry Ltd
  • We have been very fortunate here at the Uniquecapture Photography Studio, to have some of the Tersus Niteo products to use over the last few months. The Pro- Multikleen gets used to clean all sorts of things, even the studio floor. The Eco- Removit has been invaluable removing sticky labels from new products, before we can photograph them for clients. And the Shine-Rejuvenator is almost gone – it makes even new products look shiny and newer than new – the perfect result in our line of work!    

    Uniquecapture Photography StudioMilton Keynes
  • At Froot we have a number of Macs and for years have suffered static and smears from using household polish to clean our screens. We recently discovered Tersus Niteo Glass & Screen Cleaner and put simply, we wouldn't use anything else now. Essentially, it does exactly what you expect it to...a little better in fact!

    Mark NormanFroot Design