About Tersus Niteo

Company History

Tersus Niteo is proud to be launching its innovative ‘Tech Range’ of professional cleaning products, aimed at the tech, IT and service agent industry.

The product range stemmed from our sister company, WEEE-Stop, a specialist in IT & Electrical recycling and refurbishment. They experienced many problems over the years, finding products that would assist them in refurbishing equipment back to their original “as-new” condition.

In order to prepare recycled electronic equipment for resale they found many products simply did not ‘do-what-they-said-on-the-tin’, whilst others were corrosive, highly flammable or packaged as undesirable aerosols. They also wanted to improve the lack-lustre appearance of products to improve their sale-ability. In short, they wanted to develop products that would ‘clean and shine’, the Latin for which is ‘Tersus Niteo’.

Product Development

After approaching a global manufacturer of industrial cleaning products we successfully secured a professional Research and Development partnership.

Our aim was to develop products that would not only work exceptionally well but would eliminate many of the personal and environmental hazards associated with some of the products being offered for sale into this market sector. Over the course of the next 2 years formulas were developed, improved and tested side-by-side with competitor brands on thousands of products from every corner of the technical appliance industry.

This resulted in five outstanding products being developed – our Tech Range:

Doing Our Bit

Tersus Niteo products have been designed to work exceptionally well whilst minimising the environmental impact of their use.

This is important to us as products currently being sold into the electronics refurbishment market are frequently packaged as aerosols, have corrosive pH ranges or were manufactured using unsustainable petroleum distillates.None of our products could be described in this way!

We would like to underline our commitment to helping our customers achieve their ‘green’ aims by offering to collect and recycle their empty Tersus Niteo product bottles FREE OF CHARGE when delivering their replenishment stock (minimum re-order quantity of 1 x 12 litre box applies for free collection).